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The Racing the World wagering pad is uniquely different from anything currently seen in the industry; an interactive, easy to use and fun new way to bet on horse racing. (Since these screenshots were taken, there have been some enhancements but the mechanics are unchanged).

After opening an account and logging in, you will see:

The selection of racetracks is on the left. It shows the name of the racetrack, race number and minutes to post in each case. Click on one to get started.

You will then see the horse names and all the wagering information. Using the tabs across the top, choose a bet type; Win, Place, Show or an exotic bet. With your bet type selected, craft your wager by entering a dollar amount or quickly selecting the amount from the number pad and then clicking the horse number buttons under the desired finish positions.

As you play with and modify your bet by selecting and deselecting runners, your bet totals are added up automatically, letting you know what your final wager will be.

While making your betting decisions you can click on the runner name to review additional information on each.

When you're ready, finalize your wager. Now sit back and watch the live video of your race! Good luck!

In the top right-hand corner is a VIDEO button, which will take you to the RTW video partner site where you can click LIVE and choose from any available RTW race track running at the time. The video plays in a floating window so you can switch back to the wager pad window and view both the action on the field while you keep an eye on your bet at the same time.

After the race has been run, and become official, RTW will show the race results including payouts and pool totals. Congratulations on your winnings! Please note, the Superfecta bet in these screenshots cost $12.00 and won $59.58.

Pick a new upcoming race on the left and start all over again! The more you use the RTW wager pad, the more features you will discover.

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